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"I Can Stay Away From Having To Hustle On The Streets."

"The most important thing is I have witnessed the remarkable powers of GOD!" See how Project ART (Art to Rehabilitate and Teach) is changing lives!

After each horticulture class on Tuesdays, the students and I make a healthy snack using some of the foods we harvest in the greenhouse and the garden. Last week was pico de gallo and guacamole; this week was hummus. Each week I’m amazed by how few of the students have tried these nearly universal foods. I wish each of you could have seen their faces light up when they tasted guacamole for the first time! The idea is to not only feed them something healthy, but to teach them life skills like cooking and safe food storage and handling so that they can live healthy, productive, crime-free lives upon their release. “Teach a man to fish” as the saying goes. I also gave the students feedback forms to see how we can improve the class. Here are some of their responses: “I have learned how to grow my own food, however, the most important thing is I have witnessed the remarkable powers of GOD!” “This class will help improve anyone’s spirit.” “I’ve learned to be more patient.” “This class helps me find an inner peace. It singlehandedly restored my faith in people. I’m surrounded by evil forces and this class is a beacon of light.” “It gives me a type of sense of freedom and takes me to the free world again.” “It definitely helped me mentally and spiritually feel human again.” “…it’s great to learn, laugh, and love. If it wasn’t for Spencer and the Deputy Warden here, I would have never stopped smoking weed. I feel more hopeful for my future.” “I learned how to work with multiple personalities efficiently and effectively.” One student also wrote feedback on Fred Eason’s Project A.R.T. (Art to Rehabilitate and Teach) class at Burruss: “I can make a career with art and stay away from having to hustle on the streets. Art has decreased my anger, it’s given me more patience and hope for when I get out. I want to pursue art when I am released.” Several students also cited improved “social” and “communication” skills because of their participation in Project ART classes. This is HeartBound’s 20th year of ministry. We’ve made it 20 years since a family member’s incarceration birthed a prison ministry. We serve a God who can work “all things together for good” …even a brother’s incarceration. Our theme this year is “20 Years of Hope. Hope for 20 More. Your donations, whether $20, $200, or $2,000 help to fund life-transforming programs like Project ART. When you give, we hope you know that you are helping to deliver HOPE to people living without hope. Thank you for your support and prayers. With gratitude, Spencer Shelton

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