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Hello HeartBound friend, 

HeartBound Ministries’ mission is to change the culture from one of crime and incarceration to hope and restoration.  One of the key ways we accomplish this is through our Prison Chaplaincy Program.  For the past 17 years, we have been committed financially and spiritually to Georgia prison chaplains. The role they play in the transformation of lives on the inside is unparalleled. These heroic chaplains have stayed the course during the current pandemic, serving in countless ways despite the challenges. We are proud to support them! 




To raise funds to support our prison chaplains, HeartBound hosts a social media fundraiser, Entrepreneurs of Hope, each summer. Our goal is to raise $65,000 (or more!) to fund chaplains’ salaries and support the programs that these men and women provide. During this campaign, you will meet our chaplains and hear their stories of impact. You don’t want to miss this!!! 

Our Goal

How you can help

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Donate and encourage donations from others

The impact of the donations you make will be multiplied beyond the prison walls.  Research demonstrates that faith-based programs reduce recidivism, improve post-incarceration employment opportunities, and break the cycle of generational incarceration.





Thank you again for supporting HeartBound Ministries! If you have any questions about the our fundraiser or programs or want to volunteer, please contact Emily Lloyd, Program Director, at Thanks for caring! – Andrea and Emily

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