Georgia has one of the largest prison systems in the United States and the highest percentage of its population under correctional supervision than any place in the world.  One in 13 Georgians is under some form of correctional supervision; the national average is 1 in 35.  Ninety-five percent of offenders will return to our communities. We want them to return CHANGED.



Approximately two-thirds of offenders released will return to prison (this is known as the recidivism rate).


An estimated 200,000 Georgia children have a parent in prison, not including children whose parents are in county jails or detention centers.  


HeartBound Ministries is a non-profit outreach organization that provides programs and resources to meet the needs of the prison community -- correctional staff, inmates, and their families -- changing the culture from one of crime and incarceration to hope and restoration. HeartBound believes that a prison system can be more than just a place where people "serve time."  We believe a prison system can be a place where  lives are healed, transformed, and restored. 


The cost of housing an inmate is staggering- approximately $21,000 per inmate each year.

Thus, HeartBound's impact goes further than just positively influencing and changing a person's life.  If changed lives result in lowered recidivism rates, the savings can be staggering. 


If just 1% of Georgia's prison population (530 inmates) are positively impacted through the work of this ministry and do not return to prison, that translates into a savings of almost $10 million dollars to taxpayers - and fewer crime victims. If 10% were impacted in the same manner, taxpayers would have an almost $100 million dollar savings. 


We believe a prison system can be more than just a place where people “serve time.”  We envision a prison system where lives are healed, transformed and redeemed.  We see a future where the cycle of crime and incarceration is broken, recidivism rates are reduced dramatically, and prisoners are restored to their families, communities, and faith. 

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