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Incarceration as a Biblical Motif

Incarceration is a recurring motif in the Bible. Why? What is God trying to reveal to us through stories of people, both good and bad, going to prison?


One story I recently came across is found in Mark 1:14-20. John the Baptist is arrested and sent to prison. How does Jesus respond to John, his cousin and close friend, being locked up in chains? He goes and preaches the Good News.


Let’s think about that for a second. If one of my best friends was wrongly arrested, I can assure you that I’m not going to go out and tell people that they can find peace and joy through Christ.


Last week, I had a realization in the middle of the night – I am made in God’s image. He has designed me exactly to his specifications. Sure, I might wish that I was a little taller and I could eat chocolate without worrying about my waistline, but God has intentionally made me exactly the way I am. And I should love that image because it’s a direct reflection of His wishes and of God. I genuinely cannot wait to see what God looks and sounds like.


Every man, woman, boy and girl in prison is made in God’s image, just like you and me. And the Bible tells us to remember the incarcerated (Hebrews 13:3). Fortunately, at HeartBound Ministries, we make the seemingly difficult – going into a prison – quite easy. If you're interested, just reach out.

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