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The mission of Returning Hearts Celebration is to facilitate a day when inmate parents and their children can experience Christ's heart for reconciliation.  You don't need to read psychology journals to know that the best chance some of these kids will have to escape the generational cycle of crime and incarceration is to have a loving, Christ-following parent (even from prison) speak into their lives. The message the kids receive at Returning Hearts is loud and clear: "Don't do what I did."  "You don't want to come here."  "This is not a good place; this is not a good life."  "You have to stay in school and away from drugs." "I'm sorry.  Please forgive me. I want to be a better parent."

Join us  at Walker Faith and Character-based Prison for Returning Hearts on April 22, 2023.

Check back later for registration details!


We know that a fun day won't solve all a child's problems, but when that day involves forgiveness, reconciliation and a salvation message, it can. As a volunteer, you get to see a child run and jump into the arms of his or her parent!  You get to be a part of facilitating Christ's ministry of reconciliation. You get to hear an inmate parent pray with their child.  Once you experience it, you will be hooked! 

Be a part of the story.

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